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Summer Lobster Rolls Recipe

Summer Lobster Rolls Recipe

Krista S

Unveiling the Magic of Classic Summer Lobster Rolls

Ah, summer! There’s something magical about it, isn’t there? The sun shining brightly, the gentle sea breeze, and of course, the highlight of my culinary adventures – Classic Summer Lobster Rolls. Allow me to take you on this journey, revealing the secrets behind crafting the perfect lobster roll.

What is a Proper Lobster Roll?

Simply put, a proper lobster roll is a symphony of flavors, a perfect balance between simplicity and extravagance. Freshly cooked lobster meat, lightly dressed in mayonnaise or butter, nestled comfortably in a soft, toasted bun – that’s what makes a traditional lobster roll. The beauty of it lies in the delicate flavor of the lobster, shining through without being masked by any overpowering elements.

The Origins of Lobster Rolls

The origins of the beloved lobster roll are a bit contested, but it’s generally agreed that the sandwich first appeared in New England, the heart of America’s lobster industry. The first recorded “lobster roll” was served in 1929 at a restaurant called Perry’s in Milford, Connecticut. Their version, which became known as the “Connecticut-style” lobster roll, featured warm lobster meat soaked in drawn butter, served on a hot dog bun.

However, it wasn’t until the 1960s that the lobster roll started to gain more widespread popularity, thanks to a restaurant in Maine named “Red’s Eats.” They served it “Maine-style”, a cold version with a mayonnaise-based dressing. Despite the ongoing friendly rivalry between the butter or mayo camps, both styles have become summer favorites across the United States, each offering a unique way to enjoy the fresh, succulent flavor of lobster.

Butter or Mayonnaise: The Lobster Roll Dilemma

Butter or Mayonnaise: The Lobster Roll Dilemma

One of the most contentious debates among lobster roll enthusiasts is whether to use butter or mayonnaise. The answer? It’s a matter of personal preference. Some swear by the delicate, creamy nature of mayonnaise dressing, while others are drawn towards the rich, silky appeal of melted butter.

The Perfect Companions for Lobster Rolls

Choosing what to serve with your lobster roll can elevate your dining experience. Crisp, salty potato chips, or a refreshing coleslaw, perfectly complement the richness of the lobster. And let’s not forget a cold, tangy pickle on the side. It’s a symphony of textures and flavors that makes each bite a summer celebration.

A Question of Health: Is Lobster Roll a Healthy Meal?

Lobster, by itself, is a lean source of protein, rich in vitamins and minerals. However, the health quotient of your lobster roll depends on how you dress it. A moderate use of mayonnaise or butter can keep it healthier, while also bringing out the flavor of the lobster.

To Serve Warm or Cold: A Lobster Roll Query

The beauty of a lobster roll is in its versatility. Some prefer it cold, allowing the cool, creamy dressing to contrast with the warm weather. Others enjoy it warm, with the buttery goodness enhancing the succulent taste of lobster. The key is to use fresh lobster, ensuring the taste shines through, whether served warm or cold.

Cracking the Quantity: Lobsters for a Roll

Typically, a good lobster roll would require about a cup of lobster meat, which translates roughly to the yield from a 1-pound lobster. Remember, it’s all about the lobster, so don’t skimp on this star ingredient!

Bun Matters: The Best Vessel for Your Lobster

The perfect bun for a lobster roll is slightly crisp on the outside, yet tender and soft on the inside. A top-split, New England style hotdog bun, lightly buttered and toasted, provides the ideal bed for your lobster meat. It’s all about striking that balance – crispness to hold the roll, and softness for a perfect bite.

Summer Lobster Rolls Recipe

Choosing the Butter: Elevating Your Lobster

The butter used can greatly enhance the flavor of your lobster. A high-quality, unsalted butter provides a rich, creamy base that allows the lobster’s flavor to shine. Remember, the butter is the supporting actor here, elevating the star – the lobster.

Speaking of lobster, let’s not forget the important tool to cook it – a good, sturdy Skillet. It’s your best ally in this culinary adventure, ensuring your lobster cooks perfectly every time.

What To Serve With Lobster Rolls

Pairing your classic summer lobster roll with the right side dishes can create a well-rounded and delightful meal. Here are a few suggestions:

  1. French Fries or Sweet Potato Fries: These are classic pairings with any sandwich. The crispiness of the fries contrasts perfectly with the softness of the lobster roll. Add a dash of sea salt, and you have a match made in culinary heaven.
  2. Coleslaw: A tangy, crunchy coleslaw offers a refreshing contrast to the rich, buttery lobster roll. The acidity in the coleslaw dressing can cut through the richness of the lobster, creating a perfect balance.
  3. Pickles: Pickles offer a briny contrast to the rich, sweet lobster meat. Their tart, crunchy bite adds a surprising element to your meal.
  4. Corn on the Cob: Grilled or boiled, corn on the cob is a great accompaniment. Its natural sweetness complements the lobster meat, and the textural contrast adds another layer to the meal.
  5. Summer Salad: A light, refreshing salad filled with ripe tomatoes, cucumbers, and a light vinaigrette can be a perfect side for your lobster roll. It’s a light, healthy addition that makes your meal even more satisfying.
  6. Grilled Vegetables: Grilled veggies like zucchini, bell peppers, and asparagus are not only healthy but also add a nice charred flavor that pairs well with the lobster roll.
  7. Chowder: A cup of clam chowder or corn chowder would pair beautifully with a lobster roll, especially on cooler summer evenings. It’s a hearty, comforting addition to the meal.

Remember, the best pairings will depend on your taste preference. Whether you want something crunchy, something tangy, or something hearty, there’s a perfect side dish for your lobster roll.

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Summer Lobster Rolls Recipe

Summer Lobster Rolls Recipe

  • Author: Krista
  • Total Time: 32 minutes
  • Yield: 4 servings 1x


Bring the flavors of the coast to your kitchen with these Classic Summer Lobster Rolls. Succulent lobster meat, dressed simply in melted butter or light mayonnaise, is served in a lightly toasted bun for an irresistible treat.


  • 4 live lobsters, about 1-pound each, or 4 cups of cooked lobster meat
  • 4 New England style hotdog buns
  • 4 tablespoons of high-quality unsalted butter (or mayonnaise, if preferred)
  • Salt and pepper to taste
  • Optional: finely chopped chives or parsley for garnish


  1. If using live lobsters, bring a large pot of salted water to a boil. Add the lobsters and cook for about 10-12 minutes or until they’re bright red. Remove the lobsters and let them cool.
  2. Once the lobsters are cool enough to handle, remove the meat from the claws, knuckles, and tails. Chop the meat into bite-sized pieces.
  3. Melt 2 tablespoons of butter in a skillet over medium heat. Add the lobster meat and toss to coat. Season with salt and pepper to taste. If you prefer a mayo-based roll, mix the lobster meat with mayonnaise instead.
  4. Spread the remaining butter over the insides of the buns and toast them in the skillet until golden brown.
  5. Divide the lobster meat evenly among the toasted buns. Garnish with chives or parsley if desired, and serve immediately.


  • Use fresh, high-quality ingredients. The simplicity of this recipe means the quality of the lobster, butter, and even the buns will significantly affect the taste.
  • Don’t overcook the lobster. Overcooking will result in tough, chewy lobster meat.
  • Serve your lobster rolls immediately after preparation. They are best enjoyed fresh!
  • This recipe is not a low-calorie or low-fat option, but it does offer high-quality protein and can be part of a balanced diet. Consider serving with a salad or grilled veggies to add more fiber and nutrients.
  • Prep Time: 20 minutes
  • Cook Time: 12 minutes

Lobster Rolls FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions about preparing Classic Summer Lobster Rolls:

What type of lobster should I use for my lobster roll?

The best type of lobster for a lobster roll would be a fresh, live Maine lobster. However, if that isn’t easily accessible, frozen lobster meat can work as well.

Can I use pre-cooked lobster meat?

Yes, you can use pre-cooked lobster meat, but the freshness and flavor may not match that of freshly cooked lobster. If you do choose to use pre-cooked lobster, make sure it is from a reputable source and is not overcooked, as that can make the meat tough.

How do I store leftover lobster rolls?

It is best to consume lobster rolls immediately after preparation, as the freshness of the lobster and the crispness of the bun are paramount to the dish’s overall taste. However, if you have leftovers, store the lobster meat and the bun separately in the refrigerator to prevent the bun from becoming soggy.

Can I make lobster rolls ahead of time for a party?

For the best taste and texture, lobster rolls should be made as close to serving time as possible. However, you can cook the lobster and prepare the dressing ahead of time. Assemble the rolls just before serving to maintain freshness and prevent the buns from getting soggy.

What is the best way to cook the lobster for a lobster roll?

Boiling or steaming the lobster are the best ways to cook it for a lobster roll. Both methods keep the meat moist and tender, while also making it easy to remove from the shell. Cooking time depends on the size of the lobster, but a 1-pound lobster typically takes about 10-12 minutes to cook.

Enjoy Those Lobster Rolls!

So there you have it, my friends. The magic that goes behind a classic summer lobster roll is no longer a secret. Remember, the best ingredient you can add to your lobster roll is love. So this summer, embrace the warmth, enjoy the sunshine, and indulge in the sheer joy of a well-made lobster roll. Happy cooking!

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