Salmon With Honey Garlic Glaze

Pork, chicken, and beef are good. There’s no question about that. But you know what’s better and much healthier? Fish, especially fatty ones like salmon.


Cheesy Bacon and Egg Hash

Undoubtedly, the best part of the morning is waking up to a delectable breakfast. With Cheesy Bacon and Egg Hash, you are not only serving


Pineapple Screwdriver

You probably have a special time designated to drink a glass of wine or a bottle of beer. With a pineapple screwdriver, you may not


Homemade Potato Chips

We have all types of potato chips in the grocery stores. You want them plain and you can have them. You can also have cheese


Italian Pasta Salad

Italian Pasta salads are by far the most delicious, vibrant, and classy of them all. The choice of fresh vegetables like cherry tomatoes, bell peppers,